With thanks to Wild Lee, head honcho, grand guru, chief crazy man, genius behind Venture Electronics, I shall post you a few words on the very latest that VE has to offer, as of October 2019.

This is the Zen LL, it comes in a few guises. The choice I made is the Dice Edition, for which I received a tip off from Lee that it was coming to market. Of course I snapped it up straight away. I have the Monk Lite Earbud, King of the sub $5 selection. Yes, you heard it, it retails at under $5. I also own the BIE, short for Bonus In Ear, and the Biggies and Smalls, Zen Lites, probably other stuff too. I believe that Lee’s heart will always be with the earphones that made him a superstar of the struggling audiophile, which is that of the Earbud variety.

I do not wish to enter into too much prose. The YouTube offering says everything it needs to. Earbuds are a safer bet for commuting and dealing with the outside World in which we live and survive on a daily basis. But it remains a distraction, whether on a bicycle or walking for the bus. The louder the music, the higher the distraction. We have to recognise that there are risks out there, take our own responsibility for them, and try and balance getting the best out of life without causing harm to ourselves or others. Sermon over!

YouTube Video