A first foray into an overlooked area – that of the accessory. Like me, I sincerely believe that if you are an avid visitor to these hallowed pages, you are guilty of having way too many headphones. I’m right aren’t I? Hah! Got you! So, also like me, you have got to thinking ; how do I disguise how many headphones I have, and yet still have them on display? My friends, let me tell you now; do not dispair! I have found a solution….

The answer is quite simple. Hide them in plain sight. The eye seldom looks up. Eye level is what suits Joe Average. Therefore, if one could find a way to store a headphone at a height, one might be on to something. Once the thought is in the mind, the solution is seldom far away. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to cast the net out to see if someone has had the same idea as you and has produced a tasteful (and hopefully cheap) product that can satisfy the latest craving. Yes; craving is not too strong a word. We live in an age of instant gratification, where, for the discerning technology hunter, physical shops are all but a thing of the past.

Where to look for such an item? Amazon would surely be on many of our readerships first port of calls. Sure enough, 5 minutes of patient refining keyword phrases and Klearlook started to emerge from the confusion. The confusion that came from having a picture in my mind of what I wanted but being unable to ariculate that thought into a series of words that Amazon would understand. Beyond headphone stand, of course. Hey presto! I came up with the Klearlook Headphone Clamp as a match. Whether you hae found anything better than this, I confess to be absolutely delighted with my 2 and am looking forward to increasing my family very soon and grabbing some much needed shlef space back. I shudder to think what might fill that…..

There she goes