he two latest models of Hifiman IEMs came to my humble abode – RE800 Silver and RE2000 Silver


What has changed from the golden siblings? – in brief:

  • Gold-plated brass was replaced with an aluminum alloy.
  • The wooden box has been replaced by a cardboard package.
  • RE800 are equipped with non-replaceable cables.
    *Later talking to HifiMan about this, I was informed that the change to the non-replaceable cables was deliberate to provide a better fit for most customers. With the current gold RE800, some customers with smaller ears find the fit of the gold RE800 with the MMXC connector and cable uncomfortable with a poor seal, the flexible cable directly connected to the silver RE800 provides the ideal solution.
  • Price.

No time to waste – unpacking time!

RE800 went for the first shot

And immediately a small disappointment – the return of non-replaceable cable – oh Hifiman why?!?

The “golden” brother was updated with a mmxc plugin – Unfortunately, by the looks of it, the silver one will remain in this form.


A large selection of tips, a simple case without the Hifiman logo.

Now time for to RE2000

The only difference – the color (and housing material) also the lack of a wooden box – I personally will not be missing this one ;]

A solid metal case with a printed logo.

No surprises – the content of the box is identical to the gold version.

Initial listening is very promising, but for a full review, you will have to wait.

Both pairs are currently burning-in – connected to Grace m9XX (two outputs) both IEMs will remain like that till they reach at least 100h


A mysterious box arrived today to accompany RE2000 with review ;]