In which we take a more detailed look at the sound of the controversial new closed back headphone from the makers of the Susvara and the Shangri La.

I have now rounded up my listening time with the Planar version of the Sony MD-R10 lookalike, the HE-R10 P. This is a 20 Ohm 100 dB single cable closed back headphone. It is an over the ear full size headphone. In fact, full size is an understatement. Tis a giant. But it’s a beast which is partially tamed. For it needeth not a lotta amping my friends. Not very much indeed. Which comes to the first mistake of my unboxing video(other than attempting it in the first place!) I had switched my AK380 into high gain amp mode through the module the DAP was cradled into It don’t need it. Not one bit. The headphone out on the DAP itself had more than enough juice to drive it to the correct levels of musical indulgence.

The above tells you pretty much what I want to say at this stage on the $5500 P version of the R-10. The closed nature of the cans means that more can be captured inside those cups and it cannae escape! Well, there is a bit of leakage. Something has to give. I am reassured that, bungled first listen notwithstanding, I am prepared to put it on the line now….These things can rival a HiFiMan Susvara. Scoff ye not! Of course, I welcome any opinion out there. But just as Shakira’s hips categorically state, this Subjective Reviewer’s ears don’t lie!

What we have is a musical dish with plenty of size, sound effects being placed with utmost precision within and around one’s bonce, and even the illusion, from time to time, of an outside the head experience. I kid you not. These are still the best closed backs I’ve encountered. Ultrasone, Audeze, Focal, Sennheiser, you name them; up until now, I’ve not been unduly impressed. Now that has thrown the gauntlet down! Am I throwing yet more controversy on these poor beasts? They’ve not even seen a customer’s coffee table yet! Let the dice fall as they may. There will 100s of differing opinions out there soon. But remember; you heard it here first.

If you want a chance to find out for yourself, there are 2 options. HiFiMan will sell you a pair. They tell me they are happy to do that. So that could be problem solved for amny of you. Option 2, sell yourself to those HiFiMan people on this link and you could listen in the comfort of your own home, at no expense to you