First of all, I would like to say thank you to Hifiman for this opportunity.

This will be a very short first impression – review to follow next week hopefully (We all know that CV might change any plans)

Box arrived by DHL in way less time than expected in the current worldwide situation.

Out of the box, DEVA is bigger than I thought. Feels very solid in hand but is lighter than the appearance would suggest.

Bluemini came fully charged Pairing with phone (OnePlus 3T) no problem at all and set itself automatically to Audio HD: LDAC. Connecting to PC and Phone with USB also went without any issues and at first attempt. Using analogue cable also with absolutely no problems – as expected.

There is a new FW for BlueMini (relisted 31-03-2020) – Update progressed smoothly after initial issue with my PC (needed restart for some reason before allowed me to run update software)
Unfortunately, there is no info about what new FW brings.


DEVA looks good. Colour scheme aside, as I understand some like it all black, I welcome any change from black. Even at closer inspection, I could not see any imperfections. I think it is safe to say that the latest Hifiman models are finally made looking excellent. DEVA looks premium despite its budget price – Well budget in terms of other Hifiman models.


Beefy soft headband does an excellent job at weight distribution. Pads are comfortable and the only thing I noticed after using them for 3h was that my ears become too warm – but 3 min off and I could use them for another hour before I went to bed.


More will come after longer usage. I will just say that the fact I had them on for 3 hours straight without discomfort or sound fatigue is a good sign that Hifiman is on something here.

Plans are to compare with Sundara and Ananda BT and if there is enough interest HE400i, HE5SE and Audeze Mobius (those being closed back may be unfair comparison) 

Note to Hifiman

Evan after just a day with DEVA I would say it has a big potential to become a very popular Bluetooth headphone. Can we have more colours? In my humble opinion, you could make it even a bigger hit if you offer to 2 more colour schemes. I for myself would love dark red pads with cups imitating carbon fiber or even better limited edition made of carbon fiber.