CVJ CS8 v CCA C10 Pro

Hi there folks, not a lot to add to this one. Another $39.99 ChiFi bargain, which is everywhere at the moment. It is well worth a look if you want to know what can be done for an in ear at this price. The only thing is that many will overlook this and others because they’re so darn cheap!

The C10 Pro will fool many at first, v the Cs8. But look further into the pool my friend. There are hidden depths to the CS8 that the C10 Pro has missed in it’s hurry to impress you with the bass.

We have a presentation box, a detachable cable, a hybrid design, a velcro strap and a carry pouch. All for under $40. And if there was a flaw in the sound, then I haven’t found it as of yet! Enjoy. You heard it here first

My greetings to you all